Managing In The Digital Era

Author: Nuno Ribeiro             Preface by Rui Pêgo

Everything changes. We are currently immersing in the Digital Era and going through in-depth change. The companies, economy, society, and even us as individuals are changing (or should be).

Managing in the Digital Era is a new challenge for entrepreneurs, managers, marketeers, economists, politicians… The impact of change is such that no one is left out.

Communication is in the core of these changes, requiring an in-depth review of the Media industry business models and also those of other industries. Technology, on the other hand, is the major engine of this new Era, and more than ever the leading role will be played by leaders and their teams.

Today, any citizen speaks to the world, asks questions and makes demands.

This book pictures the changes andthe paths that are being designed by world giants, and clarifies the new challenges facing us.

Copyright: Nuno Ribeiro, 2011
Translation: Nazaré Carvalho (email: ), Editing: Jonathan Epstein, Cover: Hugo Vicente, Technical support to the publishing: José Galvão, Photography: Rui Freire

Profits from the sale of this book donated to Cerci Lisboa



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