Portugal Country Manager at FABERNOVEL.


From 2008 until February 2012, has been the Head of the Multimedia Business of the Controlinveste group. Previously, he managed for eight years the Internet business unit of Cofina Media group, where he made economically feasible the digital projects of the publishing group. Between 1997 and 2002, he worked as a consultant to the Secretary of State of Social Communication for the digital area. He founded, in 1995, the website A Telefonia Virtual, that during the seven years of its existence was the reference for the Radio industry in Portugal.

Holds a degree in Economy from the Catholic University of Lisbon, where he also completed an advanced course on Management of Technology Companies, as well as a post-graduate course on Media and Entertainment Management.




Preface by

Rui Pêgo

1973: Starts his professional activity in college radio programs.

1977-1987: Joins Rádio Renascença (catholic radio station founded in 1934, and started broadcasting in 1936), leaving behind the Economy degree. For 10 years he worked here as reporter, editor, presenter of several programs acknowledged for their notoriety and audiences, in the areas of information, musical release, and entertainment.

He is one of the mentors of the “spin-off” of Rádio Renascença  emissions (AM/FM), that would be a pilot for the launch of RFM (radio station focusing primarily on the 18-30 year-olds segment; founded in 1986 now ranks as the most heard in Portugal), whose sound design was trusted to him.

April 1987: Founds CMR (Correio da Manhã Rádio), radio station he runs for seven years, and that would become a reference radio station within the industry’s liberalization context.

1990: Launches in this radio station the Program “Desmancha-Prazeres” (killjoy), that would be on air (later in Rádio Comercial) for 8 consecutive years.

1993: Defines the concept and designs the format of Rádio Nostalgia that rapidly becomes a market success.

1993: Joins the General Committee of Agência Lusa (Portuguese news agency), representing the radio broadcasting operators, becomes board member and general manager of Rádio Comercial, roles that he accumulates with the general management  of Rádio Nostalgia, and that he leaves in 1997 after the sale of this radio system.

1997: Becomes general manager of RPL (Rádio Paris Lisboa). In 2002 leaves the radio of the French group RFI, considering to have completed the work plan that had been proposed to him.

1998-2002: In Rádio Nostalgia, maintains the daily program “Nação Valente” (Valiant Nation, a reference to the Portuguese national anthem). The chronicles of this program were compiled on a book published in 2003.

2003: Receives an invitation to be Programming Director at Rádio Renascença, role he assumed for two years.

June 2005-Present: Works at RTP (public radio and TV broadcaster) as Programming Director for the public group’s radios Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3 and digital platforms.

Throughout his professional career, he has been regularly collaborating with the press – having started his professional path in a short-life weekly newspaper; he was permanent collaborator of Sete (weekly newspaper focusing on pop culture); editor in chief of Bravo magazine, which he founded together with a group of professionals – and with television (RTP), where for two consecutive years (1982-1984) he presented programs he authored.