The rise of digital platform has created new opportunities and challenges for all businesses, but particularly for those in the media and advertising business. A solid approach towards change management — for processes and personnel — is needed to ensure success in the coming years. Ribeiro draws on his experience in driving change at two of Portugal’s largest media companies plus meticulous research to offer a trenchant set of observations and predictions about how all of us — as individuals, executives, and members of societies — can look forward and thrive.

Jonathan Epstein, President of Omek Interactive, co-founder of GameSpot, and former head of ZDNet/CNET International, GameSpy and

Managing in the the Digital Era is one of the first books which describes, in a very simple and concise way, the evolution of the Internet from its early days in the 1990’s. Having known Nuno for many years as both a business partner and friend, I know he is a very thorough researcher and his book provides the general reader with a great amount of interesting detail on the first 20 years of the Internet’s growth.

Erwin Plomp –  President, EMEA , EyeWonder

This is the book that has been waiting to be written. For the business leader that wants a 360 degree snapshot of the digital landscape, Mr. Ribeiro offers a crisp view of the state of the industry. If you’re a senior executive in media, you’ll want to read this book.

Matt O’Neill – President,  AdMonsters

In periods of change you need to understand things quickly avoiding to lose competitiveness. Managing in the Digital Era is an excellent book explaining to any marketer and decision-maker what the new rules are and how they can navigate within the turbulent waters of digital and interactive marketing! If you get it right, you’ll engage consumers and gain market share…

Alain Heureux – President & CEO, IAB Europe

In a very simple and summarized way, this book provides us a very interesting perspective on the digital revolution that started by the end of the 90s. This is a mandatory reading for those who want to be up to date in this world of frantic change.

Paulo Barreto – Country Manager  Google Portugal

Producing texts sufficiently interesting for peers and simultaneously understandable by the public in general is not easy. Bur this work proves that it is possible. A very useful book for those who want to understand the so-called Digital Era.

Carla Borges Ferreira -Editor-in-Chief , Meios & Publicidade

Forecasting, anticipating, analyzing, innovating, modeling, organizing, creating, destroying, adjusting, motivating, and leading are some of the actions developed during change management. Always with the people. This book provides us a vision on how change happens and therefore it is also part of the process. Change is what persists.

Gabino Oliveira – Board member, Controlinveste Group

At a time where we know that change cycles are increasingly short, it is important to consider the impacts of the Digital area on our society and on our organizations. The texts herein collected under the form of a book, written in a simple, clear and easy style, help us in this reflection

Abílio Martins – President of SAPO and board member of Portugal Telecom

Every month, there are significant changes in the media of the Digital Era. This book could not be like this a few months ago, but it is worth continuing to be written and rewritten in the near future.

Arons de Carvalho – Vice-presidente of ERC – Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação social (Portuguese Media Regulator),  Professor and ex-secretary of State of Social Communication

Mandatory reading for all the Marketeers who want to have a clear vision on the digital impact on personal and professional habits of consumers, and on the way they interact today with the media and with the information.

Nuno Amaral Frazão – CEO ,  View Isobar

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  1. Having been inspired by the work of Steve Jobs and as I am constantly learning, I thought it relevant to purchase ‘Managing in the Digital Era’ (via iTunes for my iPad!). What a fascinating read that couldn’t be more relevant. For me, the digital era has barely begun and I join Nuno in embracing this. Exciting times ahead!

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